tiistai 3. kesäkuuta 2008

Dynamis fun

Well.. Haven't updated in a while now.
Was on my second dyna run ever tonight. And it went REALLY well ^_^
Got Whm and Drg relics from Jeuno (and rng that autosorted xD) and also got win from Jeuno ^___^
Puting them pics here. First shows my new title and my new pants for whm <3
And second shows my new hand gear for Drg ^^

perjantai 23. toukokuuta 2008

Assaults are real fun......

I'm updateing a lot it seems... Needy for attention? o.O
Anyway... Friday evening. What better way for young
woman of my age to spend it than caping archery for sam and doing Nyzul Isle Assaults? xD

Anyway xD Got Archery to 61 with the help of my friend Ceresinax, thank you for her ^_^ Got one more lvl to sam too putting it up to 21 now.

Then went to do some Nyzul Isle assaults. Most of us had tags for only 3 runs and had to go with only 5 ppl hence one of the members switched servers and Kinikki who is he's replacement had RL stuff do to. (even though Ed borrowed her and dualed xD) D=
First run went great =D got lvl 15 and some useless junk. Buuuuut the second run didn't go as well.. Wipega and I died 3 times ><>to take R1 2 times too ; ; bye bye exp. Almost no buffer at all left. Then "Kin", Wolfheart and Amarok made tolken farm run cause they had 4 tags. Aaand the last run.. Went okay again ^^ Didn't get far but got win. Here is a pic of a dead Darcia and familiar fro
g o.O

keskiviikko 21. toukokuuta 2008

Wednesday < fun >

Due to the fact that my back is being bitch again... Gods I HATE sciatica... I'm not going to school this week. Yay for me. So I decided use my free time on something "creative" aka playing FF.. what? I never said I have life...

Anyway.. Got atleast something done.. Tried to get this mean ladybug to give me her/his/it's ring.. but that didn't go too well.. actually I should say it did.. I didn't die or anything.. but didn't get the ring either. After that and little bit before I was doing campaign battles to get merits. It was actually pretty fun, except lonely. Kin and Ed are too busy with lvling and RL stuff and my
other friends are far from being able to come there or pretty much anywhere with me yet. Anyway.. I got my first merits on WHM ^^ and after that I got so bored I went to lvl sam.... Someone.... please shoot me...

maanantai 19. toukokuuta 2008


FINALY!! Du Dum Di Dum Dum! WHM LVL 75!! =D

sunnuntai 18. toukokuuta 2008

Sowwy Ed ; ;

Wanted to help Ed with San'doria rank mission 6-1. We were meant to kill this mean cactuar in Altepa and I got to show everyone again what silly whm I am. All went okay-ish at start but then I agroed another cactuar and from that it went down hill. .__. Sowwy Ed for getting you killed ; ; *slaps the mean cactuar*

Let's see here...

Well well..
Hello to all of you poor souls that lost your way and ended up here. =P
This is my second blog to be honest. Hopefully it's more... lively... than the last one. xD

Well maybe I should tell something about myself at first, hmm?
I'm still in school, working onwards to become "animal nurse" not sure what the corect title is in english. Mainly I take care of animals. For animals in my life I got 2 dogs Aksu and Ani.

Other than that my no-life existence warps mostly around RPGing with my friend and Final fantasy XI online. And for the later I dedicate this blog to.